The Wisconsin Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (WAEE)

1:30 Breakout Session:  

Topic:  Wisconsin's Political and Regulatory Energy Trends  

Description:  An overview of current political and regulatory trends and changes in recent decades. Key statistics regarding Wisconsin’s economy, generation resources, supply/demand and rate comparisons along with upcoming federal, regional and state regulations and how that may impact Wisconsin’s ratepayers will be presented.

Speaker Information: Todd Stuart is executive director of the Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group, Inc. (WIEG). WIEG is a non-profit association of large energy consumers that advocates for policies that drive affordable and reliable energy. WIEG testifies before the Legislature, the Public Service Commission and the Department of Natural Resources in order to control costs for large ratepayers.

Topic:  The Shrinking Enterprise Data Center       

Description:  The Cloud, Big Data, and now the IOT often drive discussion and technology in the data center. While this has given the industry incredible advancements in efficiency and technology, the enterprise data center is faced with a growing problem – they are shrinking, but their fixed costs are not.  Underutilized UPS systems, along with a bone yard of old, half empty racks are more common than they used to be. The same is happening in other industries; healthcare, manufacturing, finance and retail are also experiencing increased efficiencies in equipment and consequently their supporting infrastructure is oversized, inefficient and expensive. This presentation will include a discussion of a healthcare facility that saved $130,000 in utility costs over 5 years, just by optimizing their power systems.  Several case studies will be presented about facilities that have overcome the carnage left behind due to co-location, cloud transition, or simply have a decreasing power demand.

Speaker Information:  Brian Loken is the President and Owner of Quality Power Solutions which he founded in 2002.  He is exceptionally knowledgeable in the quality power industry with 35 years of experience, including IBM where he managed projects and was responsible for turnkey data center solutions (UPS, HVAC, chiller, raised floor) and major data center considerations. 

Topic:  Variable Frequency Drives, Motors, and Controls      

Description:  How a drive and motor works is a mystery to many.  This session will explain and demystify how this combination works.  Today, motor usage accounts for 63% of all electricity consumed.  Knowing how to effectively reduce the consumption of the multitude of motors found in every facility is key to achieving substantial electrical savings.

Speaker Information:  Jeff Miller is the General Manager of JMB Associates.  He has great familiarity with VFDs and high efficiency motors, having worked at ABB, Inc. for over 15 years in a variety of roles, most recently as Vice President of Medium and Low Voltage Drives, Motion and PLC's.  

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