The Wisconsin Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (WAEE)

2:45 Breakout Session: 

Topic:  Ceiling Air Destratification Energy Savings

Description:  This presentation will provide application information and energy savings associated with the installation of ceiling de-stratification fans.

Speaker Information:  Jack Matzer is the President and owner of Energy Efficiency Products (EEP) located in Sharon, WI.  EEP is an independent manufacturer’s representative organization specializing in energy efficiency products for commercial, industrial and government facilities. For the past ten years, Jack has been active in the energy efficiency products market as President of Air Strata Marketing, Director of Marketing and Sales for AIR PEAR LLC and since 2009, the President and owner of EEP.  Professional accomplishments include published articles, lectures and  presentations for many industry groups; Jack achieved an MBA degree from Northwestern University. 

Topic:  Saving Energy in Industrial Process Ventilation  

Description:  The focus of the presentation will be on saving energy by efficiently operating air cleaning and dust control equipment.  Why controls are so important and how intelligent controls work will be discussed along with real examples of projects completed and the associated energy savings results of those projects.  A few notable projects include installations at Mercury Marine, Joy Global, Oshkosh Corporation, and McNeilus Corporation.

Speaker Information:  DuWayne Bohrer, Product Manager, of IVECĀ® Systems draws on 25 years of experience in the industrial air cleaning and ventilation energy control environment.  DuWayne led the group that developed IVEC’s advanced automation controls which have been saving companies thousands of dollars by optimizing performance for new and existing systems.  DuWayne has experience in every phase of the design-build process including meeting codes, standards, and regulations.  

Topic:  Incorporating Sustainability in Your Business   

Description:  This presentation will discuss why sustainability has become a critical consideration for your business and how it improves innovation.  Information and free resources will be provided to help companies create a culture of sustainability and how and why to leverage your sustainability program.  

Speaker Information:  Rick Kennett, sustainability activist, enjoyed a long career in New York, where he designed and developed systems in support of manufacturing, and led the evolution of Inventory Management to MRP and ultimately to ERP and Supply Chain Management. Upon his recent return to Wisconsin, Rick joined Logical Green Solutions and is developing a sustainability program to help Wisconsin manufacturers understand how sustainability drives business success.

Topic:  Cost Savings from Load Shifting and Demand Control 

Description:  This presentation will cover the theory of load shifting and demand control for the purpose of electrical cost savings, applications of these methods in large and small users, and savings calculations.

Speaker Information: Nicholas Welch is a Senior Service Manager at We Energies working with large electric and natural gas customers. Nicholas has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering degree from UW-Milwaukee and is an EIT, CEM and CDSM. His past work has been specializing in energy efficiency, having worked for 7 years on We Energies energy efficiency programs serving large and small commercial and industrial customers.

Topic:  Biogas-to-Energy Case Studies   

Description:  Biogas-to-energy case studies along with a discussion of current industry technology trends will be presented. 

Speaker Information:  Larry Henderson is a registered professional engineer in the States of Wisconsin and Illinois. He has a BSCE degree from Michigan Tech and an MBA from UW-Milwaukee. He is currently with Energenecs, Inc., a water and wastewater system and controls integrator. Prior to joining Energenecs in 2008, Larry worked at US Filter/Envirex for 20 years in various municipal and industrial water and wastewater markets. 

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