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9:00 Breakout Session:  

Topic:  Focus on Energy On Demand Savings Program and Results     

Description:  The On Demand Savings (ODS) Program from Focus on Energy was created for business customers of Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) to reduce their electric demand during summer on-peak billing periods.  The program was implemented June 2015 and continued through September 2016.  This presentation will provide a high-level discussion of the ODS program design, the final program results, as well as present several key components of the ODS Program, including takeaways from customer experiences that may be replicable in interested facilities.  

Speaker Information:  Leah Maggio is the Commercial Team Lead for Focus on Energy’s Business Programs and has been working with commercial customers through Focus on Energy for the past 3 years.  She also served as the Energy Engineer for a portion of the ODS participants throughout the course of the pilot program.

Topic:  "The Energy Efficiency Gap"   

Description:  Last year's provocative energy efficiency paradox presentation will be revisited with a more in depth discussion on energy planning.  The paradox is that energy efficiency projects are not being implemented despite the fact that they could significantly reduce energy consumption at low cost.  The gap exists because of market failures, behavioral effects and modeling flaws.  Behavioral economics particularly recent research from Harvard Environmental Economics Program (HEEP) offers interpretations of how businesses can reframe solutions to overcome this gap.

Speaker Information:  Brendon Dorn, CEM, works in the area of energy and infrastructure for HGA Architects and Engineers; in addition he teaches Economics at the UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education.  At HGA, Brendon performs research, simulation and analysis of various energy and functional strategies to identify and quantify their impact on the overall project.

Topic:  The Natural Gas Market   

Description:  The astonishing production volumes unleashed from shale and other tight resource plays starting in the mid 2000’s turned the market upside down and flipped the country from relative scarcity to exporting gas (quote Forbes).  This presentation will discuss the ever changing natural gas market and what could happen next.

Speaker Information:   Brian Zirbes, has worked for Constellation Energy for 13 years, helping customers manage their energy supply costs and helping them navigate the natural gas and electricity markets.  He has an MBA from the University Wisconsin-Milwaukee and undergraduate degrees in Finance and Marketing from UWM as well.

Topic:  Air Barrier Testing and Common Failings

Description:  This presentation is designed to clarify expectations of performing diagnostic air barrier testing on existing and new construction structures. What does a whole building air barrier test look like?  Why test?  What type of results are found through the investigation process?  Equipment being used from blower doors to incorporating thermography will be discussed.  Some of the various standards available and common problems observed will be summarized.  Attendees will recognize why to test, visualize what a whole building air barrier test may look like, and where common failings in existing air barriers are typically located.

Speaker Information:  Torrance Kramer has been passionately working to reduce energy consumption in buildings across the country for over a decade.  He has tested air building air barriers on all types of buildings.  He now operates Accurate-Airtight Exteriors which tests, repairs, and consults on proper air and thermal barriers of buildings of all sizes.

Topic:  Net Zero Building Design  

Description:  This session will provide case studies on net zero buildings using geothermal technology as the key technology in these buildings.  The "game changing" design of the Buck School in long Island, NY, will be covered in some detail.

Speaker Information:   Don Penn, PE, CGD, CGI is president of Image Engineering Group, Ltd and Don Penn Consulting Engineering located in Grapevine, Texas.  Since 1991, Penn has designed over 250 school projects, including the largest Net Zero School, involving geothermal heat pump systems for school districts in Texas, Arizona, New York and Georgia and served as a consultant for a geothermal heat pump system at Harvard University.  Penn received Region IV AEE 2011Energy Engineer of the year and was a finalist for National Energy Engineer of the Year.  

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