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Chapter Awards

"AEE World 2019 Conference & Expo"

The National Association of Energy Engineers awarded our Wisconsin Chapter winner of the national 

2019 Best Chapter Conference/Expo !

The award being accepted by Richard Feustel and Mark Albert

To all of our Members, Sponsors and Partners! Thank you for your ideas, support and participation. This is award is really YOURS!

Once again it is important to recognize that this award was really presented to all of you. Mark and Richard were there, in your behalf to accept the award. This award demonstrates that your continuing support of the chapter, our programs, events, and specifically our annual Energy Efficiency Expo.

As an organization having a mission to “Maintain the emphasis on energy conservation”, winning this award validates that our collective efforts and participation have had an impact, and impact is what we strive for. All of us! Thank You!

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Katie Dimmer! 


Winner of the American Association of Energy Engineers
Young Energy Professional of the Year

Katie works for Charter Steel, the largest energy consumer in the state of Wisconsin.

  • Katie from her position as an Energy Engineer has helped maintain Charter’s ISO14001 environmental management system.

  • She has been the radiation safety officer for 6 years and has been working in the energy field for 2 years.

  • Katie was an integral part in establishing Charter’s energy program and achieving ISO 50001 certification, the first steel mill in the US to be certified.

  • She has been a leader in establishing the metrics used to measure and monitor energy use, complete efficiency improvement projects and improve employee awareness.

  • She worked with local and state agencies to obtain over $300,000 in grants = and incentives over a 2-year period.

  • In her spare time Katie volunteers for a non-profit called Reflo. Reflo’s mission is to become a leader in sustainable water use, green infrastructure and water management in urban environments. 
  • Katie also worked with other members of Engineers Without Borders to design a gravity fed water distribution system that supplied water to 46 taps in Quejchip, Guatemala.

Congratulations Katie!

Crazy to think you’re just getting started.

We are proud to say you're a WAEE member!

WAEE 2017 AEE Award Recipients:

Presented September, 2017 - World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Atlanta

  • Chapter – NATIONAL Best Chapter Conference / Expo

Receiving the award:  Mike Fegley, Michael Mittelsteadt, Jerry Eaton, Tom Omwando

WAEE 2016 AEE Award Recipients:

Presented September, 2016 - World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Washington, DC

  • Chapter – NATIONAL Best Overall Chapter ($1,000 award) - second time in 3 years
  • Chapter – NATIONAL Best Student Chapter
  • Chapter - NATIONAL Best Chapter Meeting (for 2016 Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo)
               - Peter Pavelic - REGIONAL Energy Manager of the Year

    WAEE 2014 AEE Award Recipients:

    Presented October, 2015 - World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Orlando

    • Chapter – NATIONAL Best Chapter Website
    • Tari Emerson - INTERNATIONAL Energy Engineer of the Year

    WAEE 2013 AEE Award Recipients:

    Presented October, 2014 - World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Atlanta

    • Chapter – NATIONAL Best Overall Chapter ($1,000 award)
    • Chapter - NATIONAL Most New Members (This is our 3rd year receiving this $200 award)
    • David Osborne - INTERNATIONAL Energy Manager of the Year
    • Briggs & Stratton - INTERNATIONAL Renewable Energy Project of the Year
    • Michael Mittelsteadt - Region III Energy Professional Development Award
    • Richard Feustel - Region III Energy Innovator Award


    WAEE 2011 AEE Award Recipients:

    Presented October, 2013 - World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Atlanta
    • Richard Feustel - INTERNATIONAL Energy Manager of the Year
    • Jerry Eaton - Region III Energy Innovator Award
    • Lee DeBaillie - Region III Energy Professional Development Award
    • Mark Holter - Region III Energy Manager of the Year


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